A new crown inactivated vaccine has been marketed and used in China


On June 9, the first batch of Coronavirus inactivated vaccine, independently developed by the Institute of Medical Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (BIM), was marketed for emergency use in China. The clinical results of the vaccine Ⅰ/ v phase showed that the vaccine had good safety and immunogenicity, and could quickly induce systemic immune response after inoculation. The positive conversion rates of neutralizing antibody and anti-S protein antibody reached 96% and 99.33%, respectively, 14 days after the whole immunization, which could effectively provide protection.

The immunization procedure of the new crown inactivated vaccine developed by the Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences is the same as that of similar vaccines, with 2 doses administered throughout the whole course, each dose spaced 2-4 weeks. The current age of vaccination is 18 years and older.