Calcium carbonate (food grade) was successfully exported to Japan market


Food-grade calcium carbonate is widely used in modern life calcium nutrition and health food industry, dairy products, meat products and flour products, milk powder, milk tablets, beverages, products and other industries of high quality nutritional additives.

It can be used in the production of milk powder, drinks, cakes, milk tablets, etc., so as to increase the calcium nutrients, make it fluffy, better taste.

In the process of preparing penicillin, streptomycin and oxytetracycline, a large amount of calcium carbonate is needed. In the food as an additive, to ensure that the human body must be calcium intake, such as chewing gum, chocolate and yogurt, calcium tablets, jellies and other beverages as fortifier, to meet the human body's needs for calcium.

The content of edible CaCO3 is high, the impurity is low, and the indexes of Pb, As, Hg and Fe are especially low.
The product is made of unique high purity natural calcium carbonate ore, processed in accordance with the advanced technology recommended by the FCC in the United States. The whole processing process has no chemical additives to ensure the high purity and natural characteristics of the product.

Product features: high purity, most products calcium carbonate content more than 99.0%; High whiteness, specially selected natural high whiteness flawless ore, product typical whiteness ≥95; Low impurity content.

Application: according to the provisions of GB2760, the product can be used in: food processing as alkalescence agent, nutrition supplement, dough regulator, curing agent, yeast nourishment, anti-caking agent, loosening agent, gum sugar additives and modifiers.