Featured API, generation after generation, actively strive to further break through the downstream preparation field


After the expiration of global blockbuster drug patents, the rapid development of generic drugs has brought an explosive growth in the demand for API and intermediates, which can be dated back to omeprazole and other products from the 1990s, bringing huge profits to Indian pharmaceutical companies and forming the concept and model of "characteristic API".

In recent years, among the global blockbuster drugs, the top part is basically dominated by biological products. However, in terms of quantity, as a small subclass of drugs based on chemical synthesis, it is still the largest major drug product in the world. Among them, the newly developed and marketed small-molecule drugs with the rapid growth of sales amount are still "shining stars".

From omeprazole in the 1990s to the longest-lasting "statins" after 2003, along with clopidogrel, sofibuvir and lenalidine, to the current crop of "star" products such as "tinides" and "saban". Each product leads the important direction of clinical medicine, and after the expiration of the patent, the generic name market rapidly expands to become a drug with a wider range of use and a longer life. Among the more than billion-dollar brands: Atorvastatin, clopidogrel and, most recently, apixaban.

India has always been the first to occupy the international mainstream market in terms of preparation and API after the expiration of patents on various blockbuster drugs. In terms of intermediates, China has become a major supplier in the first time.

With the policy effect of consistency evaluation and quantity purchase in China, Chinese manufacturers have greatly improved their competitiveness to enter the international market not only in terms of the quality of raw materials to preparations, but also in terms of the price cost. Especially after the domestic market broke the past super-high profits of generic drugs, enterprises are encouraged to expand the international market of characteristic API more actively, and further break through the field of downstream preparations.