Chemicals catalog

Our main products include: building block compounds, asymmetric synthetic compounds, natural products and organometallic reagent compounds, catalysts and ligands, life sciences, material sciences, inhibitors and pharmaceutical intermediates. We always provide new products based on new research on drug discovery. Check out our new products and popular products.

You can browse our product categories, or search for our products by chemical name and CAS number. We can synthesize the products listed in the catalog according to your requirements.

If you cannot find the product in our catalog, please send us an email to [email protected] Huiheng Chemical provides customized synthesis services.

Bulk quotation

We have our own chemical synthesis laboratory and large-scale cooperative production base. We have passed GMP certification and can meet production from grams to tons.

Our chemical R&D team can develop a personalized production process to meet your bulk purchase requirements for various specific compounds.

Our team has developed more than 700 products, which can now be sold in grams and kilograms. We will develop more new products to meet your needs.

For more information: sales @ / huihengnjchem @

Custom synthesis

Huiheng Chemical has an experienced team of scientists who have the expertise and enthusiasm required to meet customer needs. In addition, we have also established a close cooperative relationship with a team of chemistry professors from well-known domestic universities. They will also provide us with more useful technical and theoretical assistance in customizing the synthesis process.

We provide customized synthesis of various structural units and intermediates for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and research institutions, ranging from a few milligrams to a few kilograms.

Our efficient and professional project management team and chemical team are the key to our continued success. For any of your customized needs, please contact us: sales @ /  huihengnjchem @