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Materials Science Intermediate

Materials Science Intermediate:Electronic materials refer to materials used in electronic technology and microelectronics technology, including dielectric materials, semiconductor materials, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, conductive metals and their alloy materials, magnetic materials, optoelectronic materials, electromagnetic wave shielding materials and other related materials material. Electronic materials are the material basis for the development of modern electronics industry and science and technology, and at the same time are technology-intensive subjects in the field of science and technology. It involves multidisciplinary knowledge such as electronic technology, physical chemistry, solid-state physics and technological foundation. According to the chemical properties of materials, it can be divided into metal electronic materials, electronic ceramics, polymer electronics, glass dielectrics, mica, gas insulating dielectric materials, inductors, insulating materials, magnetic materials, electronic hardware, electrical ceramic materials, shielding materials, Piezoelectric crystal materials, electronic fine chemical materials, electronic light construction textile materials, electronic tin solder materials, PCB manufacturing materials, and other electronic materials.

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